About Us

Adkins Farm Market is a family run business that is fun for the whole family!

Adkins Farm Market is owned by Gaylon & Tammy Adkins. Farming is in their genes. Gaylon learned to farm from his father Fred and mother Mary Ann on their farm in Parsonsburg, Maryland. Bryan & Heather (Gaylon & Tammy’s children) have continued with the interest in farming, and help on the family’s farm throughout the year.

Gaylon & Tammy can be found at the market every day. Tammy is always on site handling the day to day tasks.  Follow the water hose and she’s usually at the end of it caring for her plants.  Gaylon is typically behind the scenes picking produce, making deliveries, and stocking the market. Although the family has been farming their entire life, Adkins Farm Market did not truly begin until the family opened a stand in 2005 in Delmar, Maryland.  It was here that they began to sell produce, plants, and outdoor décor.  In 2007 the Market was relocated to where it currently resides.  Well, almost. In 2008 the Market, was relocated to the other side of the entrance.  Since then, Adkins Farm Market has continued to expand every year to meet the needs and desires of you, our customers.


Years in business

Come visit us at
31493 Mt. Hermon Rd.
Salisbury MD, 21804